Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Football Season Is Coming Fast...Make Sure College Coaches Know Who You Are!!!

     The high school football season will be here before we know it and it can't come soon enough!  I am sure that most of you are working out and getting in shape for the season.  Getting physically prepared is just one part of preparing for the season, if you are interested in playing at the collegiate level...95% of high school athletes will need to proactively reach out to college coaches, if they want to maximize their recruiting potential!  This means that if you are not currently sending out important recruiting information to college coaches, you are behind the 8 ball and probably not on their recruiting radar.  One thing I can guarantee, if a college coach does not know you exist, they will NOT recruit you!
   Let us help you get on college coaching staff's recruiting radar before the season begins.  By doing so, the coaching staff will be able to keep an eye on your performance this year and track your development!  Our 2011 Football Prospect Guide is being put together as we speak!  Reach out to us as soon as possible, so that you can introduce yourself to all 875 college coaching staffs in the United States!

The pictures above are samples of this year's cover, as well as a sample athlete page.   Each athlete that chooses to be in this year's Prospect Guide will have a 1/4 page athlete profile that will include basic information like height, weight, school etc...Plus, a high school coach's scouting report, awards, stats and highlights from previous completed seasons.  Last but not least, all profiles will include the athlete's athlete id.  This will drive college coaches to the profile to view videos, pics and stay in touch with athletes they are interested in recruiting.  All your recruiting information will be stored in one easy to use and promote place.

- Create your Free Athlete Profile Today @
- Once your profile is created, log in, click on products and then select the Football Prospect Guide to be included in the 2011 Football Magazine being sent to all 875 College Coaching Staffs across the country!

If you sign up this week, you will receive the enhanced profile on FREE for 1 month!  The enhanced profile will give you access to contact information for all 875 college football coaches in the country, plus we will introduce you to the head coaches at 10 colleges of your choice and you will receive a welcome kit with tools to help you maximize your recruiting potential!
If you would like more information or have any questions, email us at

Let us help YOU, GET NOTICED!

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