Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You Have Worked to Hard to Let It Slip Away!!!

Every year high school athletes with the dream of playing at the collegiate level, let there dream slip away or settle for playing at the only school that gave them an offer...

The sad fact is that many of these athletes were good enough to play at the next level or play at a higher level, or possibly could have received a larger offer.  These athletes work hard and focus on this goal from a young age, working out, lessons, play a year round schedule in the respective sport...but fail to effectively introduce themselves to college coaches. 

Did you know?
In order to maximize their recruiting potential or even receive an offer at all, the majority of high school athletes must put the right information directly into the hands of college coaches to initiate the recruiting process!

Our program is designed to complete the introductory phase of the recruiting process, so that you can focus on school and athletic responsibilities.

To find out how our program works, please watch this short video:

Let us help you maximize your recruiting potential!
Visit www.upperhandpromotions.com and create your FREE athlete profile today!  This profile will become your online athletic/academic resume throughout the recruiting process.  Then, select the program you want to use, to allow us to complete the introductory phase of the recruiting process for you!

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