Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week 1: Upper Hand Player and Highlight of the Week

Football Season Is Here!!!

Every week during the high school football season, the Upper Hand Team will select one player and one highlight film of the week!  To be considered,  the athlete/parent must post a brief write-up of that week's performance or a highlight reel of the week on the wall of the Upper Hand Facebook page.

The selected athlete and highlight reel will be included in a brief weekly write-up sent to college coaching staffs across the country!  The selected athletes must have a completed Upper Hand Athlete Profile, prior to the write-up going out to coaches!

Week 1 Upper Hand Awards

Athlete of the Week:
Colby Lee, WR from Grandview High School (TX)

Week 1 State Line: 6 catches for 124 Yards and 3 Touchdowns

Highlight Film of the Week:
Kevin Stone, WR/DB from St. Anthony's High School (TX)


Congratulations to Colby and Kevin for starting the 2013 Season off so quickly!  Your Week 1 accomplishments will be sent out to coaches across the country, keep it up! 

Week 2 games will be starting tomorrow, make sure to post your performance or highlight film on the Upper Hand Facebook Wall to be considered for next week's awards! 

Can you top the performances of the Week 1 winners?


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