Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cleared for Takeoff!

    Every high school athlete knows they have to work hard and take care of business both in the classroom and on the field or court.  However, in order to be eligible to play at the next level, there is one more step all high school athletes must take...Getting cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse.  In order for a student athlete to compete at the division 1 or 2 level, the athlete must register and be cleared by the clearinghouse.

What is the NCAA Clearinghouse?
    It is an organization that reviews a high school athlete's academic record, SAT or ACT Scores and amateur status, to determine if a high school athlete conforms with NCAA regulations.

When should a student athlete register with the NCAA Clearinghouse?
    The NCAA recommends that a high school athlete register at the start of their junior year.  There is no deadline to register, however a student athlete must be cleared prior to receiving an athletic scholarship or competing at the Division 1 or 2 level.

How does a high school athlete register?
    Students can register at the NCAA Clearinghouse Website.  At this website, the student athlete will enter personal information, athletic background and pay a registration fee.  The student athlete will need to have their high school transcript sent to the clearinghouse.  The transcript must be mailed directly from their high school.

Once a high school athlete is cleared by the clearinghouse, they will be eligible to receive athletic scholarships, as well as compete at the Division 1 ans 2 level.  The next step for the high school student athlete is introducing themselves to college coaches and finding a place to play...

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