Monday, February 7, 2011

Recruiting Is A Contact Sport!

   When a high school athlete starts the recruiting process, the athlete and parent must attack the process like a job search.  Plan, Prepare and Execute...If you want to maximize the high school athlete's recruiting potential.  Just as a person would do when searching for a job, contact as many potential suitors as possible.  Recruiting is a contact sport!  The more schools you introduce yourself to, the better chance you have to find a coach looking for an athlete with your skill set.

Compile a list of schools that interest you both athletically and academically. Complete this prior to your junior year. These don't all have to be NCAA Division I-A schools. Several professional players played in lower division schools and still got noticed.  Take for example, the Super Bowl MVP from last night...Aaron Rodgers started his collegiate career at a junior college.  Yes, he ended up at California, but he got that chance because he took an opportunity and made the most of it.  When creating your list, include schools that may not be your top 5 picks, because the best offer may come from a school not in your top 5 or 10.

Once you have a list of potential target schools, start researching these schools.  This can be a very time consuming process, but it must be done if you are going to effectively get on college coaches radar.  The biggest mistake a high school athlete makes, is waiting on a coach to find them.  A high school athlete must find the name and contact information for the coaches at the schools you decided on in step 1.

Now you have a list of potential schools and contact information, a large list, as we have already stated, recruiting is a contact sport.  The larger the list, the more opportunity you will create. The next step is reaching out to these schools using a variety of different methods, email, letters, etc...Do not sell yourself short. The school you may not have considered initially, may end up making you the best offer!

In the recruiting game, you can never reach out to enough coaches...Put your helmet on and be ready for the contact, do not shy away...You will regret it in the end!

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