Monday, March 14, 2011

Take Control and Find A Place to Play!

Every year thousands of high school athletes make a huge mistake in the recruiting process...The athlete depends only on their high school coach to find a place to play at the next level.  High school coaches play a very important role in the recruiting process, providing the BEST and most respected feedback to interested college coaches.   However, the high school coach is limited on time...So, what often happens is they reach out to their immediate contacts at the college level.  This is a good thing, but limits the opportunity of a high school athlete looking to maximize their recruiting potential. 

A typical high school coach has a handful of personal contacts at the college level, yet there are hundreds of schools that offer athletic scholarships in most sports.  If you depend only on your high school coach, all your hope lies in their immediate contacts.  Take control, develop a personalized promotional plan and directly reach out to all the colleges you are interested in attending.  Just like advertising, the more people you reach out to, the better your response rate will be...

For example, every NCAA Division 1 and 2 baseball program has 11.7 scholarships available for their program.  If your high school coach knows and reaches out to 5 programs, you potentially have access to 58.5 scholarships.  However, if you reach out to 50 programs and drive that coach to your high school coach for his recommendation, you potentially have access to 585 scholarships.  It's a numbers game, the more introductions you make, the better your odds are of finding a coach interested in an athlete with your skill set.

Upper Hand Promotions has programs designed to provide you with the college contact information and assist in the design of promotional material needed to reach out to and catch a coach's eye...Or we can develop and execute a complete promotional plan for a high school athlete!

Increase your odds, take control and find a place to compete at the next level!

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