Thursday, March 24, 2011

Must See TV...

More and more high school athletes are having highlight videos created, with the hope of improving their odds of getting noticed.  However, creating a highlight video is just the start of the process.

When a company has a commercial made, do they post the completed video somewhere with the hopes of a customer finding it?  How much business do you think the business will receive, if the commercial is never viewed by their targeted audience?  I know, easy question...NONE.

High school athletes are posting their highlight video all over the internet, hoping a college coach spends their time to search and find this hidden video.  College coaches do not have the time to search hour after hour, watch hundreds of videos, to find the athlete they are looking for to fill a roster spot.

In order for a highlight video to be effective, the athlete must put their video directly into the hands of a college coach and grab that coach's attention within the first few seconds.  The highlight film is important, but the target audience and quality of the video is even more important.

Put the highlight video to work for you, do not just let it sit out in cyber space!

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