Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Take the 1st Step: Introduce Yourself to College Coaches

     At the start of each season, most high school coaches send out a prospect list to their college coach network.  The list will include the high school athletes involved in their program, with a goal of getting these athletes on their college coach network recruiting radar.
     Upper Hand Promotions has taken this process to a new level for high school athletes and college coaches, while saving high school coaches time.  Our by sport Prospect Guide will go out to every college coach in each sport.  Each athlete that chooses to participate in the Prospect Guide, will have a 1/4 page profile that will include their high school coach's scouting report, personal info, as well as any highlights/stats that are important for college coaches to see.  The college coach will have an easy to use prospect list, with athletes from several schools, all in one place.

The two pictures on the left are samples of what the cover and athlete profile pages will look like:

To introduce yourself to every college coach in your respective sport, send an email to info@upperhandpromotions.com, with Prospect Guide in the Subject Line.

There are very few guarantees in the recruiting process, however we can offer 1 guarantee...If a college coach does not know that you exist, we guarantee the coach will not recruit you and you will not receive an offer from that school!

There are several important steps in the recruiting process, make sure that the initial introduction is not something you leave out.  Without the initial introduction, there will be no recruiting process!

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