Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Class of 2012, Your time is NOW!

Right now is a very important time for high school athletes graduating in 2012. The majority have some varsity experience and are starting to actively look at their college options. In order to ensure they have options, all should be introducing themselves to college coaches, creating interest and getting on schools recruiting radar prior to their senior year. After all, a college program can only recruit an athlete they know exists. By the time the 2011-2012 school year kicks off, college coaches have the majority of their class of 2012 targets already in mind. Make sure you do what it takes now, so you don't miss out on a potential opportunity!

2012 Graduates To Do List
1) Create a list of potential target schools
2) Introduce yourself to the coaching staff
3) Consistent communication with interested schools to stay top of mind with coaching staff
4) Stay on the radar, Be Accessible

If you have not started the process above as a 2012 graduate you are behind the 8 ball. Get started now, before your senior season starts you should have initiated contact with the programs that interest you, determine mutual interest and have a plan for the schools with mutual interest to ensure you have options come signing day!

If you need help getting this process started or are interested in learning more about maximizing your recruiting potential visit www.upperhandpromotions.com and create your free athlete profile.

Class of 2012, move quickly, make yourself visible and if you need help...that's what we are here for...Email us with questions at info@upperhandpromotions.com!

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