Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Even an ex NFL player has to reach out to GET NOTICED!

As I always say and as our Upper Hand Promotions program is designed, getting started early and actively promoting a high school athlete is the only way to maximize an athlete's recruiting potential.  You can not sit back and think a college will come and find you...That is not how today's recruiting world works!  Check out the story below, if an ex-nfl player's son needs to actively reach out to colleges, you do as well...

From a yahoo news article about son’s of previous NFL players:

Zeke Pike, QB, Edgewood (Ky.) Dixie Heights
Son of Mark Pike, former NFL DE-LB, played 173 games for Buffalo

According to the elder Pike, recruiting has changed so much since he came out of high school 30 years ago. So much change, in fact, Mark researched recruiting for his son. From that, he determined what he considered the best course of action: being proactive.

"I kind of figured it out early and realized what I needed to do," Mark said.

While Zeke was still a freshman, his father sent game film to college coaches. More highlight clips went out the following year. Mark wasn't recruited until his senior season. He selected a school (Georgia Tech) on signing day.

Zeke picked up offers before he even became the starting varsity quarterback in 2010.

"It was worth it all," Mark said of his actions.

A couple takeaways...

1) Be Proactive:  Starting early is the best way.  Get on a college's radar early in the process, so they can track you throughout your high school career.  In Zeke's case above, he was receiving offers prior to even starting on varsity.  Once you hit high school, it is time to get to work!

2) Highlight Clips:  A quality highlight film is essential, not just a highlight film.  If the film does not showcase the skills coaches are looking for, the tape goes in the trash.  Do not waste your time sending out highlight films that do not do what they were intended to do!

Most high school athletes do not have ex-nfl players for a dad.  In this case the athlete had a parent that knew the process, knew what coaches were looking for and had the time to proactively reach out to coaches across the country.  In the real world, free time and knowledge of the recruiting process is not something most parents or high school athletes have...That's what Upper Hand Promotions is here for...Let us help you navigate through the recruiting process!

For more info email us at info@upperhandpromotions.com... We would be happy to walk you through the recruiting process, develop a personalized promotional plan and help YOU maximize your recruiting potential!

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