Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Must Do Things to Maximize Recruiting Potential

I encourage every high school athlete to do the research, talk with their coaches and determine what actions they must take to maximize their recruiting potential.  Everything you read from college coaches, select coaches, high school coaches etc...I can promise will lead to two MUST DO action items, to get the recruiting process started...

1) Start sending Recruiting Letters of Interest to the coaches at the schools you are interested in attending.

2) Make sure that you have a skills/highlight video created and start sending off to college coaches or have it ready if they request one.

* A college coach can not recruit an athlete they do not know exists and prior to spending the money to come out and see an athlete, the college coach wants to know the athlete is a potential fit for their program.

There are two potential problems with the action items above, time and knowledge of the process.  The letter and video will take time to produce, researching potential schools and contact information for the coaches will also take hours of personal time.  Not to mention, the letter and video must provide the coach with the information they are looking for, for it to be effective.  If not, the college coach will throw it away and move on and the athlete may miss out on a potential opportunity!

Upper Hand Promotions can help address both of the action items above.
1) Recruiting Promotional Cards:  These cards are designed to effectively introduce the high school athlete to college coach.  We have all the contact information, so let us produce the letter and send it out for you, for not much more than if you designed, printed and mailed yourself, not to mention save you hours of research and development each month.

2) Highlight/Skills Video: Every coach wants to be able to see what they need to see in a short period of time.  Your video must be able to highlight the skills coaches are looking for at a position specific level.  Our program takes raw game footage and breaks it down to highlight the skills coaches want to see!  If you send a video that does provide the information needed, coaches will discard the video and move on to the next athlete.  Again, do not miss out on an opportunity!

For more information or to answer any of your recruiting questions, please email info@upperhandpromotions.com.  Talk to you soon!

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