Monday, January 10, 2011

Get Started Somewhere...

    If you are a high school athlete that is interested in playing at the college level, you have to start the recrutiing process somewhere...Develop a well researched plan of attack and carry out that plan!  The first step of developing that plan should be researching schools that meet your search criteria and creating a list of potential target schools. 
    Now here is where my advice comes in...For the initial contact part of your promotional plan, your list of target schools should include a large number of targets.  The goal is to get on as many coaches recruiting follow up lists as possible.  What each coach is looking for in a potential recruit or what positions are positions of need, is not information easily available.  So, the more coaches you reach out to, the better off you are going to be in the end.  Ultimately, you want to leave yourself options when it comes time to make a decision.
    If your dream is to compete at the college level and work toward an opportunity to play professionally, you must get an opportunity to play in college first, no matter what level.  Take tonight's national championship game as a perfect example.  Cam Newton, the QB of the Auburn Tigers, started his collegiate career where? A junior college...and look where he is today!  Cam Newton is the QB of the National Champions and a potential first round draft pick.  Why?  Because he took an opportunity to play at the next level (Regardless of Division), worked hard, earned an opportunity and made the most of it. 
   So, as you work through the recruiting process, keep an open mind and never close the door to a potential opportunity.  Keep your eyes open and create as many options as you can throughout your high school career.
   To bring a little lighter side to this post, as I watched the game tonight, I captured this picture from the ESPN broadcast that fit the message to tonight's post...

Do not get left on a high school sideline picking your nose! 

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