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Getting Noticed is a Full Time Job...Use Your Time Wisely!!!

Click Here...Babson College Baseball Coach Matt Noone Discusses The Recruiting Process!   - From

A high school athlete has a busy, practice, studying, games, the list goes on an on...One that has dreams of playing at the next level, has a full time job to add on top of the list of responsibilties.  Most high school athletes are not aware of the full time job that must be done, in order to make it to the next level.  The majority of high school athletes sit back and wait for a college coach to find them, then as a senior they are disappointed that they have not received any offers or offers from schools they are interested in...The following advice comes from the interview in the link above with the Head Baseball Coach at Babson College.  As you can see many actions items must be completed in order to improve the probability of a high school athlete reaching the next level!

Summary of Coach Noone's Tips
1) Research the College, not just the sport: The school must offer a degree that you are interested in pursuing.  In order to be on the field you must be academically eligible, so find something to pursue that will keep you engaged.  When visiting schools, an athlete should forget about the athletic part of it and think, if the school and academics was the only reason I was coming to the school, would this be a school I would like to spend my next 4 to 5 years.
2) How to Start the Process and Contact a Coach: Coach Noone states you can start the reaching out process as early as your Freshman year...By the time you are a senior the majority of the recruiting process is already over.  To initiate communication, an email or letter should be sent to the coach providing basic academic and athletic information.  A skills video is also an important aspect of the process, giving the coach a chance to see your ability and decide if they want to spend money out of their recruiting budget to come see you live.  In a time of budget cutbacks, an athlete must give the coach a reason to come out and see them.  A college coach does not have the time or budget to travel around hoping to find a potential recruit.
3) Follow Up:  Once initial communication is made, an athlete must keep the coach up to date on his/her progress and their upcoming schedule (Games, Tournament, Camps, etc...)  A coach will not make an offer from a video, the goal is to get a coach to come see you live!

Get started today, do not wait until it's to late and you miss out on the opportunity to play at the next level or have to settle for a school you may not be interested in attending!

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