Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do Not Get Taken Off "The List"

Every college coaching staff, in almost every sport, has "The List" when it comes to recruiting.  Each staff has their own way of organizing, adding/removing prospects and deciding who to make and who not to make scholarship offers to each year.  The goal of a high school athlete is to get on as many lists as possible, stay on the lists and receive several offers to leave themselves options come signing day.

Upper Hand Promotions offers several programs and tools to help high school athletes get on "The List", at schools they are interested in attending.  Equally as important however, once you make the list, how do you stay on it to receive an offer at the end of the recruiting process?

4 Suggestions to Improve Your Odds of Remaining on "The List"
1) School/Grades:  Make sure that your transcript is easily accessible, never hide or hold back your academic information.  If your grades are not where they should be, acknowledge the issue and share your plan for improvement with interested coaches.  A coach finding out information you tried to hide, will lead to your removal from "The List".
2) Skills Video:  Let's face it your athletic ability will play a major role in receiving an athletic scholarship offer.  So, you must have the proper tools to showcase this ability to college coaches.  All athletes interested in competing at the next level, should have a highlight tape and at the very least one full game tape available at all time.  When coaches are discussing a prospect with a recruiting coordinator or scout, if video is not available, your odds of being placed on or remaining on "The List" are slim to none.  Give the coach a reason to want to pursue you!
3) Scouting Report:  An evaluation done by a trusted third party gives the college coach a different viewpoint and might point out something they missed or haven't had the opportunity to witness.  Again, give the college coach a reason to want to pursue you!
4) Parents:  I know, what do your parents have to do with you in regards to the recruiting process?  Simple...A college coach has thousands of talented high school athletes interested in playing at the college level.  When reviewing their recruiting lists, if a prospect's parent has been identified as a potential issue, another prospect at that position with similar talent jumps over them on "The List".  An example of parent issues could include: openly questioning coaches, complaining to other parents, challenging conditioning or training methods etc...Make sure your parents are aware that their behavior can impact your recruitment!

The hardest part of the recruiting process is making the initial introduction of high school athlete to college coach, catching their eye and earning a spot on "The List."  However, getting on "The List" is just the start of the process. Make sure you educate yourself to stay on "The List", once you get there!

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